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15 Diamonds Under $300

The month of December makes me want to do three things: shop, obsess over jewelry, and eat a trio variety of popcorn from tins emblazoned with velvet bow wearing puppies.

One thing I realized while sitting at my desk eating a fine ratio of 2/3 caramel, 1/3 white cheddar is that there is a decent handful of pretty, personal jewels online. It's the gift I will never tire of receiving and the gift I always love to give. The only way to make it better is to add diamonds (yes diamonds!). Especially when those diamonds are not expensive.

Here are 15 diamond jewels, all under $300.


1. Dogeared diamond karma necklace, $98.00, zappos.com
2. Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti diamonds by the yard bracelet, $285, tiffany.com
3. Ariel Gordon mini stud diamond earrings, $225, arielgordonjewelry.com
4. ginette_ny mini tube and diamond necklace, $240, shopbop.com
5. David Yurman oval stack pave diamond ring, $295, davidyurman.com
6. Diamond stackable ring, $125, jcpenney.com
7. Single skull diamond earring, $180, socialanarchydesigns.com
8. Jennifer Zeuner mini serpent bracelet, $143, shopbop.com
9. Poupette diamond stone earring, $228, otteny.com
10. Diamond accented feather necklace, $225, lordandtaylor.com
11. Pave accent rose gold band, $179.10, macys.com
12. Jemma Sands pyrite and diamond bracelet, $175, maxandchloe.com
13. Vanessa Jenik rose gold earrings with diamonds, $255, ylang23.com
14. Jacquie Aiche diamond waif bezel ring, $110, shopbop.com
15. Elizabeth and James snake ring, $195, zappos.com

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