3D Nail Art: Awesome or Tacky? (Or Both!)

For that little bit of Nicki Minaj in all of us.

If you click on "3D Nail Art" here (go ahead, try it!) some pretty terrifying images will appear. It's hard to imagine leaving your house with fingers like these, which look like something a overly-inspired six year old created at summer art camp in the Catskills. They are often totally insane and I'd love to watch someone on hidden camera wearing these to a job interview, just for fun.

So I was pretty surprised when last night I found some actually cute 3D nail art on ASOS. I don't know about you—I probably still wouldn't wear a whole pack at once--but I do think you could work in a little candy cane or perhaps a small teddy bear on one or two fingers without looking like you're headed to the mental ward. They'd also be a ton of fun at a holiday party—you certainly can't say they're not festive.

What do you think? Do you dare?