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Beyonce the Trailer, 10 Crosby Derek Lam Does Shoes and More From Around the Web

The teaser for Beyoncé's upcoming documentary doesn't reveal all that much plot line, but it does offer glimpses of some really fabulous stage costumes. And isn't that what's important? [HBO]

10 Crosby—Derek Lam's lower-priced line—is launching footwear. The blue python booties are, like, so good. [WWD]

After wearing Liz Hurley's famous safety pin dress earlier this year, Lady Gaga just bought 55 pieces from Michael Jackson's wardrobe at auction. (She promises to "archive and expertly care for them"...but maybe not before she wears them?) [Telegraph]

Also...the latest edition of the "sh*t girls say" meme is "Sh*t Victoria's Secret Angels Say," and it's funny. And so, so accurate. [YouTube]

Photo Credit: WWD/Steve Eichner

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