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Get Inspired: Lisa Turtle


As a little girl, I was pretty impressed by Saved by the Bell. That group of friends really had it all: they were good looking, smart, athletic and got to hang out at the Max all day while everyone else was at school!

Lisa Turtle was a particular favorite.The first television character I can remember whose true passion was fashion, every outfit Lisa wore made a statement. This clip might be nearly 20 years old, but I can't help but still be inspired. Shop the modern day version of Lisa's outfit below.

Image via Getty Images

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3. Banana Republic Animal print haircalf skinny belt, $39.50, www.bananarepublic.com

4. J. Brand Power Stretch Legging Jeans, $181.00, www.shopbop.com

5. Charles Philip Shanghai Whild Thing Zebra Half Calf Loafer, Loafer, $120.25, www.jildorshoes.com

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chou Chou Stripey Lips Scrunchie, $32, www.shopbop.com