Get Instantly Organized With One Simple Accessory

I’m an early adopter of the clutch for day, yet I realize this isn’t always practical. I hate carrying large bags, but sometimes it’s just a necessity. So I’ve implemented a strategy. Within my larger bag, I almost always carry a small clutch or pouch where I keep my wallet, keys, headphones, lipstick and whatever essentials I think I’ll need. (I also like to change my bag several times a week—this makes it a cinch). Here’s a breakdown of some of my faves:

For Travel
I have tons of these, and I fill them with like-minded items. All power cords go in one, toiletries I’ll use on the airplane in another, vitamins and meds in a third, etc. Baggu makes nylon ones in cute colors and prints. They’re light, not to mention inexpensive.

Set of 3 Baggu zipper bags, $12,


For Work
I’m partial to Tila March bags, specifically her clutches. They’re totally chic and simple enough to go with just about any outfit. I’ll grab this when I’m heading out to lunch. At dinner, you can always check your large work bag and have your essentials in your clutch. (It will make you look pulled together, even when you’re not!)

Tila March clutch, $550,

For Weekend
I’m obsessed with these small zip pouches from Comme des Garcons. They issue new prints and materials seasonally, and they’re reasonably priced. These are the perfect size for running around on the weekend-slightly more roomy than a large wallet.

Comme de Garcons pouch, $190,

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