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Lily Aldridge Shops at Alice + Olivia, Eats Krispy Kremes and Buys 'Rocking Elephants'

One would think that spending several months in workout gear, lingerie and pink robes would be reason enough for Lily Aldridge to be shopping at Alice + Olivia's Madison Avenue boutique this morning. The Victoria's Secret Angel—who spent months prepping for brand's infamous fashion show, which airs on CBS tonight at 10pm EST—did buy lots of stuff. But it was in the name of a really great cause.

Starting today through Christmas Eve, anyone who drops off a new pack of diapers, wipes, a book or toy at one of Alice + Olivia's New York locations will receive 15 percent off their purchase. The donations go to Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization that provides essential supplies to families in need.

When I caught the model mid-shopping spree, I couldn't help but ask what she was buying and, of course, her thoughts on tonight's show. Here's what she had to say:

Lucky: Although tonight is television debut of the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, it actually happened last month! What moment are you most excited to see again?
Lily Aldridge: I think the musical acts this year are so amazing—Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Rihanna. And they were incredible; they killed it! So I'm really excited to see them on the big screen TV.

What were they like backstage? Any funny stories?
No funny stories…I'm so in the zone getting ready for a show. I was just dancing and having a good time with the girls and having fun!

What are you enjoying the most about post VS show life?
Eating dessert!

What kind?
Donuts…I like Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donuts. It's my go-to.

You've been trying a lot of stuff on…what pieces made the final cut?
I got this really cute leather bustier dress, it's long, black and beautiful. And from the little kid's clothes I got my daughter a pink skirt. And I got some leather leggings for myself. There is such cute stuff in this store, I love it!

Any big plans for the holidays?
Nothing, we're just spending time as a family. Just eat, and watch Christmas movies and Santa is coming for my daughter for the first time. So that's very exciting.

What's on her wish list?
She asked for a "rocking elephant."

To shop Lily's picks, click through the slideshow below.