Make Room for Fashion: Stocking Stuffers for Moms

The final countdown is on for holiday shopping. If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to your mommy friends, I’ve got a few fun and functional ideas up my sleeve. Although there are lovely candles to be lit and soaps to be lathered up, a gift that will make a mom’s life even a tiny bit simpler will be the one she talks about most.

Imagine for a moment, you’re pushing your stroller down the street at a faster than usual pace because you’re late getting your kid to school, again. Your cell phone rings, you want to ignore it but realize it’s a can’t-miss call. The stroller requires two hands on the handles otherwise it goes sideways and will slow you down. You reach for your headphones with built in microphone so you can push, talk and walk at the same time, but they are a tangled mess in your bag. You miss the call and lose 1.5 minutes on your commute. Enter ChicBuds, a flat cord earphone option with built in microphone that slide apart when they touch so they won’t turn into a ball of wire madness in your purse. The cherry on top? They come in a variety of fun colors and designs for ultimate chicness.

Scenario number two: It’s freezing, your child is on her scooter/at the top of the jungle gym/in the stroller. She says, "Mommy I’m hungry." You reach into your bag of goodies and pull out her favorite snack, (Goldfish in a ziplock bag), and hand it over. “Mommy, can you open it?” You take off your gloves, open it, hand it back, put your gloves back on, then hear, “Mommy, I don’t like this snack.” You put it back into your bag and pull out a yogurt squeeze. You take off your gloves, tear off the top, hand it over then replace your gloves. Your iPhone rings, you take off your gloves to hit “answer.” Repeat, repeat, repeat. You get the picture. A mom’s best friend in this situation? Fingerless gloves.

Here’s another gift that will make you seem super thoughtful and style savvy at the same time. You’ve ditched the jeans and sweater uniform that was dominating your life, adding skirts, boots and sweater dresses into the rotation. But as the temperature drops you’re the one shivering as you stand outside and wait for your kids at pick up. The hot idea? Fleece-lined tights. Sounds bulky, but surprisingly they’re not. They look and feel like regular opaque black tights while keeping your legs extra warm and chill free.

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For the multi-tasker (and which mom isn’t?): tangle-free, stylish headphones with a microphone.

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