My Five Favorite Beauty Finds of the Year

I sort of have an obsession with beauty products. Okay I sort of have an obsession with shoes, bags, and clothing as well…. But I'm the type who will try any beauty product that I come across, regardless of whether or not the item has potential to work on me. Plum eye-liners, mud colored nail polish, any sort of hair product (as long as it smells nice). One Saturday morning, my husband woke up to find me after trying a dark burgundy lip stain that truly stained and said, "uh, honey, are you trying to revive a high school goth phase or something?" I inevitably come across some winners, though, and for the holidays I share my finds with my mother, sister and best friend and buy them one of each. Here are this year's picks:

I actually keep a few of these in my office because they smell so wonderful. First-time visitors always say, "mmm smells good in here!"

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