My Latte Costs More Than These Earrings

Upon learning that I had to vacate my home for Hurricane Sandy, my good friend, W magazine's Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy—aka One of the Most Glamorous Women I Know—gave me the keys to her warm, bright, beautifully fragranced apartment, and told me to knock myself out. It took me all of about 10 seconds to zero in on her amazing tray of jewelry, which included the most gorgeous, oversized, sparkling earrings.

I held them up to my ears, looked in the mirror and just like that! I looked a thousand times more sophisticated. (And this was in my rumpled hurricane-wear!) I'm rarely ever in earrings, but suddenly I had to have my own fancy pair.

The next day I found them at, of all places, Forever 21. These aquamarine glass stunners make every outfit I have look so much more special, and give each day that little luxe factor. And the best part: They're under $4. Worn with confidence—and really good perfume—they seem far more expensive.


Beaded Rhinestone Studs, $3.80,

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