No Doubt and Fred Perry Design Together

Riding the '90s nostalgia wave that's brought overalls, blue eyeliner and Lisa Frank back en vogue, Fred Perry has collaborated with No Doubt on some limited edition items. The first—a unisex shirt for $95 with a reggae inspired gold, red and green color scheme—debuts in early January 2013. A few months later, a plaid V-neck sweater for $170 and a $250 bomber jacket will round out the collection.

No product photos have been unveiled yet but, according to WWD, the pieces will reflect both the brand and band's "relationship with subculture" and "ska and reggae roots." What isn't mentioned though, is lead singer Gwen Stefani's involvement with the project. Considering her own successful label, L.A.M.B., and near-flawless personal style, we're sure anything she signs off on will be good. In fact, we have no doubt.

photo credit: Fairchild Archive

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