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Putting Boots on After a Pedicure

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Beauty Department.

If you've ever raised an eyebrow at flip-flopped women venturing out from the nail salon into the snow, you might want to reconsider that reaction. Despite what your hopes and good intentions might tell you, no amount of time spent sitting underneath the foot dryer readies you to slide your foot back into boots after a pedicure. (At least not, like, a socially acceptable amount of time that doesn't qualify as "loitering" or "looking homeless.")

That's especially true if you're planning to wear high-heeled boots, which are even worse at wrecking pretty pedicures (or, better at it, we mean). Curious how long it actually take pedicures to be boot-ready, and which kind of boot is easiest on just-polished feet? Visit Thebeautydepartment.com for our guide, as well as more toe nail polish truths.

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