Shop Suno's Limited Edition Pajamas

Fancy pajamas make the best gifts. They're the definition of things people love to have but hesitate to buy, like expensive candles and any type of orchid. I usually give the menswear-inspired sets to my friends—J.Crew has fabulous ones, navy with white piping that seem borrowed from Thomas Crown's closet—but this year, I think I'll be buying Suno's new PJs instead.

Launching today, the limited edition pajama sets are stamped with the brand's signature kaleidoscopic prints and come in two different fabrics:  silk (for $175) and cotton (for $165), depending on whether you'd rather go more luxe or more washing-machine-ready. Either way, with those gorgeous patterns, each set is glamorous enough to make reading the newspaper in a blanket feel like an event—and has a novelty those old school, traditional pajama sets don't have. Click through below to shop the complete collection.

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