The Most-Recognized Brand Names, Beyonce Literally Danced Her Sleeves Off and More From Around the Web

It might not be a total shocker that Victoria's Secret ranks #1 on the list of the 100 brands consumers know best. Women love to wear it, and men to love to see women wearing it. Or Angels. Them too. [WWD]

So, that monkey who wandered into a Canadian Ikea wearing a shearling coat earlier this week? He's now an internet meme sparking tons of Tumblr images, but this fake Marc Jacobs ad might be the best one. We really wish it were real. [Fashionista]

Beyoncé's auctioning off the gold silk tuxedo she wore in her "Love on Top" music video—but not before the sleeves are sewn back on. She danced so hard during filming that the sleeves fell right off. (Hate it when that happens.) [NY Post]

Celebrity nail art made some major strides this year according to this recap. (Jessica Biel's pale pink manicure with metallic silver moons is easily my favorite.) [BellaSugar]

Looking for the perfect holiday outfit? Here are seven, courtesy of Elle Strauss, who happens to be our Senior Fashion Editor. [Refinery29]

Photo Credit: WWD/ George Chinsee

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