The Best Beauty Tip—From Shirley Manson!

I've been a massive Garbage fan since the band's '95 debut, so when I had the opportunity to interview Shirley Manson this year, I was elated. As a teen, she was my beauty icon: I actively remember bringing a specific photo of her to my local MAC counter and asking them to color-match her eye makeup to one of their pan shadows. (They obliged; it was the velvety, blue-violet Contrast.) So given the chance, I just had to ask her for her top beauty tip.

She said mega-fashion photographer David Sims turned her onto midnight blue eyeliner. Swap it for your black eyeliner, and your eyes will look so much brighter and more intense in photos. She promised this small tweak would make a world of difference.

I tried it on a photo-heavy weekend, and I can attest to its ultra-flattering effect—it reads softer than black, and my eyes look so much twinklier. Thanks, Shirley! XO!

Photo: WWD/Steve Eichner

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