Happy, Hunky Holidays!

When I was in high school, however many years ago, I knew a shadowy, all-black-wearing guy named Ted Stumpf who kind of looked like the Cure’s Robert Smith (whom I worshiped at the time; I was a moody nightmare), talked with a very soft voice and didn’t seem to give a crap what anybody thought of him in our suburban Minnesota town. Of course, we became Facebook friends at some point, and then: This amazing Christmas stocking showed up in my feed last week!

Turns out Ted ditched the Twin Cities for Washington, DC, where he works in the theater scene as T. Tyler Stumpf—costume designer, milliner, wig maker, shopper, stylist and all-around go-to person for anything costume-related. And lucky for us all, in his spare time he does Fiber Art, which I admit I’d never heard of before, but must be awesome if it led to the creation of these stockings featuring cherubic men with candle-lit head-wreaths and other fabulosities.

I know about 10 people who would love to hang one over their proverbial fireplaces: design freaks, kitsch lovers, ironic hipsters and well, anyone who enjoys looking at handsome guys with 6-pack abs. If you want one, Ted said he would make some more. Cheers.

I’ll leave you with a snippet from Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody,” which the Cure covered back in the day:

So here it is merry Christmas / Everybody's having fun / Look to the future now / It's only just begun.



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