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Doesn't she kind of look like Tavi? Wouldn't Tavi wear cool lace-up high tops to the first day of work? In the Lucky pantheon of tried and true basics, the trench rules supreme. So you might already have one, but I think this ruffled shoulder version means it's time for a new one.
And yes, the trench over a boater tee with a pencil skirt and low-heeled pointy toe is an all-time Lucky favorite (our editors wear this combo all the time). It never, ever fails.
With her adorable short red hair, sunglasses and—the key—a striped top, she has elevated a potentially boring work outfit to something that’s cool and un-corporate.
Don't you love a bright print skirt with metallic silver pumps? I can't tell you how many times our Senior Stylist Elle Stauss has put this together in the fashion closet—like we just did yesterday for an upcoming cover.
This combo is the perfect cocktail: Prints and polka dots ALWAYS work—doesn't matter how you mix it. (I wish it were this sunny in NYC.)
Can we discuss hot pink to work? The ladies on Lucky Community are doing it all the time. You can tell she is confident enough to pull this off.
The perfect way to work a shirt-dress: Plain and simple but in a shouting color and grounded with a striped tee.
The hot secretary look; here, with burgundy tights and bag.
And here the hot secretary look done in a spectacular skull print. I'm not sure where she works, but I bet it's not a boring job.