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The Boots Dana From Homeland Wears Every Single Week

If you watch Showtime's Homeland, one thing you know for sure is that nothing is predictable. Brody could still have terrorist blood in his veins, Carrie may or may not be out of her freakin' mind; the dependable, fatherly Saul could be about to go rogue on the CIA, and Quinn, well, he might just stab you in the hand at any time.

So it's good to know the show has one reliable element: Dana's boots.

As Dana, actress Morgan Saylor is never without her pair of worn-in, flaps-hanging-down ankle boots. She wears them with her school uniform; she wears them with her "play" clothes. They are prominent in every episode, and if there's a prom episode of Homeland (it could happen, given how crazy the show has been this season—it's like one minute we're watching CNN breaking news and the next we're plopped into the middle of a CW teen drama), we expect she will be wearing them then, too.

So what gives? Costume designer Katina Le Kerr tells us that they're Steve Madden, from the summer of 2011.

"Everybody has that perfect pair of boots, and these are Dana's," says Le Kerr. "They're a little funky, wonderfully slouchy, and slightly tough—just like her. With that tender heart she needs a little extra protection, and these boots never let her down... unlike some of the grown ups she knows."

Le Kerr was even nice enough to give us a DIY tip on how to make your own as well: "For those crafty fashionistas, buy black boots and paint colored stripes next to the back zipper. Inside or out. Be sure to paint a silver metallic stripe first, then cover it with any color of your choice. This way the black won't show through."

Good luck to Dana and her boots—because it seems like things are going to get even more out of control just in time for the upcoming season finale. Shudder.

Tune into the Season 2 finale episode of Homeland this Sunday night on Showtime.

Photo: Courtesy of Showtime