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Engagement Ring Upgrades

Weddings are expensive. From the flowers to the food to the dress, it's not easy to get married these days without accruing at least little bit of debt. Which is why it's understandable that many couples opt for modest rings. Why spend $25,000 on a diamond when you could use it for a down payment on a house?

A few years later, however, you might see things differently. Consider this scenario: Ten years have passed since your wedding, and you're still committed to your husband. But maybe you don't feel the same about your ring, given that you and your partner have amassed a small fortune. (Hey we can dream, right?)

Enter the engagement ring upgrade. More sentimental types might wear this new, fancier bauble on their right hand, while those who live without regrets will swap out the original for the new. However you do it, we've rounded up some inspiration.

We love the mixed metals.

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