Forever 21 Launches Online Only Capsule 2.1

Forever 21's new web exclusive collection, Capsule 2.1, is catnip for girls with Coachella-ready style. With geometric prints, camouflage and distressed denim punctuated by studs, spikes and cutouts, the pieces are basically born for that music festival. (Or a Kate Moss Halloween costume.)

Since prices hover between $27.80 for a studded chiffon top and $72.80 for a faux fur jacket, they'd cost less than that concert ticket, too, so they're a bit tough-looking but not tough on your wallet. Instead, they're just easy, collectible standbys to pair with messy eyeliner and motorcycle boots (of course). Click through below to check our favorite pieces or shop the full range here—and only there, since it's not available in the brand's brick and mortar stores.

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