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How to Get the 'Just Paparazzied' Look

Have you ever found yourself studying a paparazzi shot of a star who appears to be heading to the gym—or just stumbled out of bed for coffee—and thought, "dang, I NEVER look like that while sleep walking to Starbucks with a hangover."?

Well, there's a good chance they wouldn't either if they didn't have some help from a stylist. I only recently learned that there are people who earn their living styling celebrity "coffee run" looks.

Since a "coffee run stylist" is out of the question for most of us mere mortals, here are the key elements to looking effortlessly adorable on your Sunday morning outing.



1. Lose the jammies.
Pajama pants are a huge trend, and it feels natural to want to wear them when running weekend errands. (Especially in the winter.) But with other casual pieces they look more sloppy than sleek. Swipe them for a pair of equally comfortable, more presentable, jeans.

2. Live in your shades.
Essential. Go for sunglasses with darker lenses, lest someone catches a shaded glimpse of your un-made-up eyes. Cute colorful frames are a good idea, too.

photo: WireImage

3. Try a printed scarf.
Throwing on a printed, colored scarf if a great way to add a little flair to a plain outfit. Jessica Alba and Giselle both excel in working this styling piece.

Photo: WireImage

4. Wear a really cute coat that is NOT black.
It'll perk up your look.

Photo: Getty Images

5. Go with a red lip.
Everyone knows that a bright lip is the ultimate quick fixer-upper. And when it's the only makeup you're going to bother with, you really need it.

Photo: FilmMagic

6. Opt for colored accessories.
A brightly colored bag implies that you've got it together—even "off-duty."

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