H&M Is Trading Store Vouchers For Your Used Garments

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Budget Fashionista.

Now here’s a brand that deserves its own Good Guy Greg meme. Swedish fashion company H&M has announced that it will be opening its store doors worldwide to used garments in exchange for H&M store vouchers. You heard us right! One bag of used garments = store voucher.

The clothes-collecting initiative, which will start in February 2013, will be available to all 48 markets globally. And here’s the best part: H&M will be happy to take in ANY pieces of clothing, from ANY brand and in ANY condition!

Collected clothes will be sent to H&M partner, I:Collect, in order to re-process the material for reuse.

Considering how many metric tons of garbage from the textile industry are disposed of (with 95% of the materials still prime for reuse or re-wearing), TBF salutes the efforts of H&M to lead the fashion forefront of becoming socially and ecologically responsible.

We hope this concept catches on with the rest of the fashion world. We really do. As folks who are smitten with fashion, we think it’s high time that we break the decades-old stereotype that the fashion world consists of nothing but self-absorbed, superficial caricatures who live in luxurious little bubbles of their own.