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Protective Hair Oil
Damaged hair becomes brittle with freezing temperatures, and can look particulary dull when you're sick. A nourishing hair treatment will help you maintain your mane's quality and luster. Use as a styling aid, pre-shampoo treatment or a deep condition. A little pump goes a long way!
Good Old Reliable Lotion
We can't emphasize the importance of moisturizing your skin. This fragrance-free lotion is good for sensitive skin, and without leaving any grease behind, it leaves skin nourished and strong.
Facial Moisturizer
Because it's hard to protect your face from the cold weather, it needs extra attention. This moisturizer enhances the skin's natural defenses against dehydration.
Green-Tinted Primer

Primer is great for making your makeup last longer, but a green-tinted one can be used to balance redness brought on by colds.


This concealer offers full coverage, and lasts forever. Perfect for covering up a red nose.

Lip Balm

Is there anything worse than chapped lips? Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment leaves them feeling replenished and nourished and has SPF 15 for added protection. Not to mention it comes in awesome sheer and tinted shades.

Aromatherapy Bath Products with Eucalyptus and Mint
A hot shower feels great on sinus pressure, and scents like eucalyptus and spearmint actually help decongest swollen nasal passages. Whether it's a body wash, bubble bath or bath salts, you'll find it much easier to breathe. Just keep these products away from your mouth, as the strong scent could dry out lips.
(Fashionable) Tissues
Sneeze in style with these retro tissues. So cute they're hard to forget, and you'll be thankful you came prepared.