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Kate Bosworth Stars in Topshop's Holiday Commercial

After a week of mysterious videos and headless photos from Topshop, we're excited to learn that the British label's 2012 holiday face is Kate Bosworth. The brand just released a video of the actress crooning "Winter Wonderland" in a old-timey theater.

As you might remember from Kate's stint doing cotton ads ("The touch, the feel of cotton! The fabric of our lives!"), she has a a really pretty singing voice. If you don't pay the tune your undivided attention, however, we fully understand. She looks so distractingly amazing in that backless sparkly dress, burgundy sequined pumps and sultry stage makeup that we found ourselves missing whole chunks of the song while wondering what shade of lipstick she's wearing.* See for yourself in the footage below.

*The answer is "Hazard" and it—along with the other products her makeup team used—is available on Us.topshop.com. Also, a version of her outfit will soon be available to purchase—sign up here for notifications on that.