How to Keep Your Nails Looking Pretty

I grew up with a mom who got her nails done every Friday. I remember going with her to the beauty shop and admiring all of the pretty colors. I knew if I sat still the whole time, I could get a quick mani too. I didn’t move for a whole 30 minutes! Seeing how beautiful my little fingers looked, it was instilled at a young age that nails should always be "done."

Fast-forward 20 years. Here I am, getting weekly or bi-weekly manicures just like my mom. I try and take good care of my nails, minus the occasional nervous bite or break here and there. But I began to notice the color of my bare nails changing. How could this be when I take such pride in them? While my nails were not looking ‘Wicked” in the winter or ‘Instant Hot’ in the summer, they were appearing a little worn and, I hate to say, yellow. I knew something had to be done.

I decided to let my nails breathe and took a two-week hiatus from polish. I noticed my nails looking more "normal." I decided to dig a little deeper and talk to Lucky’s resident beauty expert, Jean Godfrey-June, for a few more tips.

Tip #1: Buffing nails can is a great alternative to polish, shiny without the discoloration. Make sure to be gentle as to not harm the nail.

Tip #2: Lemon juice bleaches nails. Soak your nails in lemon juice to remove the yellow tint.

Tip #3: Pale-colored nail polish causes much less of a problem than dark colors. Lucky for us, nude shades are on trend!

Hopefully my personal journey helps you, you know, take care of your nails!