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Kids' Clothes: Under-the-Radar Stores

Don't tell anyone around here, but sometimes I get tired of shopping for myself. The endless trying-on and never really knowing if what looks good on the rack will look good on my body is exhausting. In the right mood, I admit, there's no greater rush, but when you're not feeling it? Well, drag.

Luckily, I am never NOT in the mood to shop for my kids. Everything looks good on them as long as it fits. At ages almost 3 and 4, I never have to send them into the dressing room, and I can pretty much buy with abandon anything that strikes my fancy (which means I've pretty much bought half of the clothing at Crew Cuts). But sometimes you need to break out of your comfort zone. And to that end, I've found Le Petite Peach, a blog from kid/mom guru Desiree Spinner, to be just what I need. Instead of making my usual rounds (the aforementioned Crew Cuts, Mini Boden, Gap Kids, etc.) I can always count on Le Petite Peach, which provides "inspiration for selective moms," to point me to some unexpected and totally awesome kids' clothing sources. Plus, it doesn't hurt that there's plenty of other awesome stuff on the recently-relaunched site too—including fashion ideas for us moms, family travel recommendations, and a ton of adorable product picks ranging from backpacks to lunch boxes. Really, it's downright Goop-y in its lifestyle reach.

But, back to what's really important: children's clothes! Read on below to hear from the Spinner, Le Petite Peach's editor and founder, on all things kids' fashion. From little Lanvin to some quaint French labels, she knows all.

Alex and Alexa

"We love this site and its exceptional customer service (international shipping can be tricky but not with this site!). We especially love shopping for anything Stella McCartney and Chloe, such as these rose colored cords paired with this Chloe tee and blazer."