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Five Great Maternity Coats to Get You Through Winter

I was totally one of those naïve first-time pregnant women, thinking that my winter coats, especially those that were double breasted, would be fine to carry me through the winter layered with fur vests and huge cashmere scarves. Well, the first Noreaster hit, and I was wrong.

Luckily on a trip back home to visit my mom, she bought me a coat at Motherhood Maternity, and now I can’t stop singing the praises of owning a proper maternity coat. In retrospect, it should have been among the first things I bought (tights and jeans are the others). Comfort is key during pregnancy and a good, warm coat that properly buttons, zips or snaps is a must. Here are five of my top picks.

Asos maternity coat, $105.54, asos.com

Momobaby coat, $129, momobaby.com

Topshop coat, $150, topshop.com


Momobaby coat, $160, momobaby.com

Motherhood maternity coat, $89.98, motherhood.com

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