The Next Best Thing to Commando, International Fashion Exhibitions and Other Things We're Talking About This Week

1. If you're pregnant this winter, a proper fitting coat will completely change you life. Here are five insanely stylish ones we recommend.

2. Got a cold right now? Welcome to the club. This is how we're covering up our red noses.

3. Seven layers to keep you warm as a winter puffer would.

4. We feel terrible for Anne Hathaway after her wardrobe mishap this week, but not that terrible. Because it could have been prevented. Easily. Here's how.

5. Skip the tourist traps on your winter vacation and visit one of these international fashion exhibitions instead.

6. Smoothing shapewear to make you holiday party dress look a million time better.

7. These thoughtful co-worker gifts will make you the most popular girl in the office.