Five Rules for Creating a Non-Awkward Couple’s Vacation Album

Don’t get me wrong, you went on vacation with your boyfriend and you deserve to document this! This allows you to tell the world two things: you go on vacations and you have a boyfriend. But I think it’s about time that we find a way to put up photos that don’t make everyone else cringe. And since I’ve just returned from vacation in Turks and Caicos with my boyfriend, I’ve taken it upon myself to lead the way.

2. Embrace Ugliness.

Great, you parasailed and it was beautiful. You smiled and waved from 500 feet in the air and the colorful parachute seemed to glitter against the majestic Caribbean sky. BORINGGGGG. No one wants to see that. What they do want to see is you crying all the way up. And how it took six strangers to convince you to stop googling “parasailing disasters” and get in the harness.

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