Five Rules for Creating a Non-Awkward Couple’s Vacation Album

Don’t get me wrong, you went on vacation with your boyfriend and you deserve to document this! This allows you to tell the world two things: you go on vacations and you have a boyfriend. But I think it’s about time that we find a way to put up photos that don’t make everyone else cringe. And since I’ve just returned from vacation in Turks and Caicos with my boyfriend, I’ve taken it upon myself to lead the way.

3. Never, I Repeat, Never Look at the Camera for a Beach Pic.

The one person beach shot is always an uncomfortable one­­­— but sometimes it's inevitable. After all, it's only the two of you strolling along the beach and you can’t bring yourself to tell the old man who so kindly offered to take your picture that his finger had been in front of the lens (for FIVE pictures!) and that you need a do-over. It's time to hand your boyfriend the camera. Instead of the classic "hands on hips, eyes to camera, I don't even notice the family banana-boating behind me" pose, try walking parallel to the camera with your arms outstretched.  Smile at the sun. The picture will say: “It was adorable—my girlfriend was so in her element on that sandy beach, I just had to snap a picture.”



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