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1. Incoporate Props.
Maybe you like seeing pictures of your boyfriend swimming solo in the hotel pool but Courtney S. from middle school (why are you friends with her on Facebook anyways? You guys never talked!) doesn’t need to scroll through five pics of your boo doing the breast stroke. Instead, opt for a fun pool pic with noodles. This says: we’re hanging at the pool taking pictures of ourselves but we’re not serious! We’re holding four noodles!!
2. Embrace Ugliness.
Great, you parasailed and it was beautiful. You smiled and waved from 500 feet in the air and the colorful parachute seemed to glitter against the majestic Caribbean sky. BORINGGGGG. No one wants to see that. What they do want to see is you crying all the way up. And how it took six strangers to convince you to stop googling “parasailing disasters” and get in the harness.
3. Never, I Repeat, Never Look at the Camera for a Beach Pic.

The one person beach shot is always an uncomfortable one­­­— but sometimes it's inevitable. After all, it's only the two of you strolling along the beach and you can’t bring yourself to tell the old man who so kindly offered to take your picture that his finger had been in front of the lens (for FIVE pictures!) and that you need a do-over. It's time to hand your boyfriend the camera. Instead of the classic "hands on hips, eyes to camera, I don't even notice the family banana-boating behind me" pose, try walking parallel to the camera with your arms outstretched.  Smile at the sun. The picture will say: “It was adorable—my girlfriend was so in her element on that sandy beach, I just had to snap a picture.”



4. Don't Document Fancy Dinners.
Everyone already assumes that when you're on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, you're eating lobster pasta at a romantic beachside table, probably to the tunes of some singing couple who's lived on the island for 20 years and does festive covers of Eric Clapton songs. Put the camera down. Pick it up again when you go to a restaurant called "Da Conch Shack". The food is cheap, fried, and delicious, and taking pictures of that meal proves you’re low-maintenance. Extra points for making a disgusted face next to all the fried food you're about to eat. This shows that you're self-aware.
5. You ARE Allowed to Document Your Vacation Outfits.

But be choosy! You bought 13 new cover-ups for the beach and packed 17 pairs of the same jean shorts. Pick your favorite. Stand in front of something pretty and put on a face that says “This old thing? I just pulled it out from that vintage trunk in my room where I keep my vacationing clothes”.

If all else fails, buy a disposable camera. Your pictures may be awkward,  but at least they’ll be beautifully filtered (and the low-res qualitiy hides any flaws!).