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The Hour, Part 2: Shop the Show

Don't let the photo put you off: we're not saying you should go out and buy an apron, but if you do want to, we can tell you that Anthropologie sure has some cute ones. Luckily, though, the fashion on The Hour this week wasn't only appropriate for the kitchen. We have outfits that feel just right for the office today, characters flaunting fur collars, vintage hats and retro pearl earrings. All of these pieces can be worn today, given the right modern spin.

Check out the slideshow for some current ladylike recommendations inspired by the show (did you watch last night? What do I have to do to make you watch?). And don't forget to tune in to BBC America next Wednesday at 9/8C for the next stylish installment.

Late Night at the Office

Who says you can't look good burning the midnight oil? Click through to shop the look.