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The Hour, Part 4: Shop the Show

Hi again, fellow vintage-fashion fans. You're really going to love this week's episode of The Hour. From dainty gold watches (I need one now!) to fur stoles and unabashed glitz (thank you Kiki and the show's lavishly-dressed Soho Club contingent), there's so much here to inspire. I never knew I needed a belted coat and scarf until this week, but oh, I so do. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner and even a shopping-adverse spouse can probably do a pretty decent job picking out a printed scarf, whether it's from Macy's or Hermes. (Can it be from Hermes though, please?).

If you watched this week's episode you know that the drama on the show is reaching epic levels. We've got police corruption, surfacing secrets, a life in danger, an anti-nuke scoop, marital discord and even a NATO summit jammed into the storyline. One of the most intriguing things about The Hour is how the writers weave meaningful political discourse and deep debates about journalistic ethics into a plot that would give a daytime soap a run for its bubbles.

But if you're not into contemplating such heady issues right now, you're welcome to procrastinate and shop the latest episode right here.

Show photos courtesy of BBC America.

Blue Bel

We love the neckline and curve-creating tailoring. Click through to shop the look.