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What I Want Now: The Tibi Lobster Sweater

There was once a time in my life when lobster was one of my favorite foods. With New England bred parents and early childhood trips to Nantucket under my belt, I was primed to be a lifelong devotee of the clawed creature. There were birthday dinners at Legal Seafood, Christmas Eve dinners starring my mom's amazing shrimp and lobster creole—until disaster struck. In my late teens, an itch in my throat while eating shrimp became an itch in my throat while eating crab became, tragically, an itch in my throat while eating lobster and a trip to the allergist confirmed my fears: I was allergic.

It’s been a few years since I stopped indulging in crustacean feasts and though most of the longing has gone away, there’s still a little part of me that cries whenever I see my dad or sister (mysteriously my mom developed the same allergy shortly after I did) digging into a plate of lobster ravioli. Luckily, I’ve found a way to get my lobster fix without my throat closing up.

Tibi’s Marine Surrealism collection is full of bright colors and lobster-adorned items—I’m partial to this sweater and sweatshirt. I could wear it on Christmas Eve—to make up for the lack of the previously mentioned creole—and all winter long to remind me of warm summers in lobster obsessed New England. I'd wear it with a pair of skinny black pants or a flared red skirt to match my lobster pal. What's more, the lace on the sweatshirt makes it just dressy enough that I'm pretty sure I could wear it to holiday parties, too. When they're passing around some lobster-tinged hors d'oeuvres I can just say, "Thanks, I've got mine already."


Tibi lobster intarsia sweater, $355, tibi.com. Tibi lobster lace sweatshirt, $145, tibi.com


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