Why I Hate Sequins on New Year's

That's a great sequin dress you're looking at. So is this one. In fact, each of these 15 sparkly dresses is pretty wonderful. Still, I wouldn't wear any of them on New Year's Eve. That's a night when I want my outfit to steal compliments from strangers in the bathroom line, and sequin dresses—the standard choice for, like, 40 percent of New Year's Eve partygoers—just aren't bold enough to do that anymore. They're festive, sure, but they're also pretty safe.

Which isn't to say that I hate low-risk, trusted choices—I'll wear a classic little black dress most nights of the year. But on New Year's Eve, a night that always seems to slip out of my fingers and fall a little flat in spite of (or because of) the hype, I can control only a few things, really, and one of them's my outfit. So I'd like that outfit to be a little balls-y and fresh.

To me, that means finding something non-sequin in order to stand out in the sea of sparkles. A busy digital print, maybe. A taffeta-stuffed Mad Men-style dress. A trumpet skirt that swishes when I dance to Motown hits (the only thing I'll dance to). All of those would work. Sequins, though—I'll save those for another night. (Valentine's Day, maybe, cause you know I'm not wearing anything pink or red, or anything even remotely lacy.)

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