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Snap Poll: Would You Wear Plastic Shoes?

There are three specific occasions that I'll condone plastic footwear: 1.) Slushy/snowy/rainy can't-worry-about-cute-shoes weather. 2.) Bathing in public showers. 3.) Gardening. My exceptions to these rules depend on a person's age (jellies and Crocs are way cuter on the under-12 set), location (103 degree Hawaii vacations and pedicures require Havaianas), and the ability to wear tricky fashion (maybe, like, Kate Moss could make synthetic clogs look good?). Honestly though, I really, really don't like shoes that aren't made from canvas, leather or whatever magical looks-like-animal-skin-but-actually-isn't stuff Stella McCartney uses.

Disagree with me? I'll admit, you're in very good company. Also on your side is none other than Karl Lagerfeld—yes, as in Chanel creative director and one of the most influential people in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld—who has just signed a four season contract with Melissa, a Brazilian shoe company that only works with plastic. According to WWD, his first capsule line for the label will launch in March 2013.

The Kaiser is not the only high-end designer to team up with the company either. Past collaborators have included Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, Jason Wu. Also, earlier this year, the brand worked with Victorias Secret model Alessandra Ambrósio on two exclusive styles.

Still, even with all those impressive endorsements, I'm still not sold on plastic shoes. They make me feel like a giant eight year old and give me sweaty feet. Am I totally wrong here? Should I give them another shot? Let me know in the comments below!

photo: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Protection bootie via Melissa.com

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