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Meet Corri McFadden, VH1’s New Fashion Show Reality Star

House of Consignment, VH1's news reality series, follows Corri McFadden, Chicago entrepreneur and fashion lover, as she runs her multimillion dollar business eDrop-Off.

Basically, eDrop-off takes your designer and couture pieces and auctions them off for you on eBay. So if you have Cartier, Chanel and Hermes clogging your closet that you want to pass off for cash (don't we all?), McFadden is your girl. Why not do it yourself and take all the profit, you wonder? Well, sure you could do that, but if you're lazy like us, you've been saying that you're going to purge your closet for months (actually, years). Even more genus, eDrop-Off provides a “Closet Cleanout” service that will help you select which items to keep, toss or hand over.

McFadden herself is no stranger to the "Closet Cleanout," as you'll see in the show. Still, not everything in her wardrobe is up for grabs. “I just got a pair of sequin Dolce & Gabbana pants that I wore to my 30th birthday. They’re a no go," she says. "I also have a vintage Rolex Oyster watch that is timeless. And I have some vintage classic Chanel [bracelet] stacks that are not leaving anytime soon.”

Check out the trailer for House of Consignment and then catch the premiere on March 21 at 10 pm EST. In the meantime, you can procrastinate about pruning your own pieces by shopping McFadden's favorite looks in our slideshow.

What spring trends are you excited about?

"I love the athletic look. I was in Zara the other day and they had the cutest pastel blazers. I'll wear them with a burnout tee, drawstring athletic pants and Giuseppe Zanotti high boots."

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