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Trucker Hats
No, you’re not being punk’d! After the recent resurgence of the “snapback” cap (referring to the adjustable plastic fastener in the back), its netted cousin, the trucker hat, is having its own little comeback. Earn extra style points by trying a trucker with a vintage pattern or textured fabric, like leather or wool. (Note: Don’t go too crazy—crystal-encrusted Ed Hardy tigers will not be tolerated this time around.)
Perspex Shoes
Before you start judging us and muttering about exotic performers, consider all the fashion possibilities of the clear accessory trend! The translucent plastic adds a sense of clean minimalism and modernity to just about any outfit. Plus, these Lucite heels kind of create the illusion that you’re floating on air—not on a stage littered with dollar bills.
Humor Tees
Thanks to brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Urban Outfitters, at a certain point in the aughts you knew I was “Kind Of A Big Deal,” that “Jesus Is My Homeboy” and when to “Tell Your Boyfriend I Say Hi.” Well, it turns out the snarky-quip fashion statement will never die. To pull it off today, think less like a Will Ferrell–quoting frat boy and more like an ironic intellectual, spouting literary quotes and obscure song lyrics.