Behind the Girls Costume Designs, Gap Buys Intermix And More From Around the Web

Lena Dunham wanted the clothes on Girls to be true to life. “It always makes me so crazy when people on shows have a new winter coat every day," she said. "I wore the same winter coat for three years after college, even after my dog peed on it.” [New York Times]

Retail giant Gap just bought high-end boutique Intermix. One thing that's beneficial to the public, not just the companies: Gap promises to revamp Intermix's online store. Yay. [Racked]

Like Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel, Hugh Hefner's new wife Crystal Harris wore a pink bridal gown, too. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Pendleton is launching a heritage clothing line called Thomas Kay. It's sort of Pacific Northwest meets English boarding school, and we love it. [WWD]

In southeast Asia, fake metal mouth braces are becoming a fashion trend. Seriously. [The Week]

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