BabyGap x Peter Rabbit: Nine Bunny-Themed Things To Buy If You Don't Have Kids

Practically speaking, I have zero use for babyGap's upcoming Peter Rabbit collection, which was just announced in WWD today. I don't have any children of my own, nor little nieces, nephews or cousins to shower with bunny-covered clothes. Still, I find myself poring over the campaign, trying to think of uses for doll-sized sundresses and boilersuits in my everyday life.

To prevent myself from making some regrettable purchases (and totally freaking out my husband), I'm looking elsewhere to get my woodland creature fix. Below, I've found nine products for fans of Beatrix Potter's famous cottontail that can be enjoyed sans infant. Click through to shop them all now.

Photo: An image from the babyGap x Peter Rabbit campaign, via WWD

Bunnies are even cuter with glasses—who'da thunk it?