Beyoncé's New Website is Kind of Like GOOP

The newly-added "Beyhive Blog" on Beyoncé's website is causing a huge stir on the internet. Since it's by and about the singer herself—her favorite foods, brands, music—mega-fans are thrilled. Now, they no longer have to stalk Twitter to see what Bey's into. Photos (from her private stash), anecdotes (some even handwritten) and fashion inspiration (street style snaps taken by her stylist, Ty Hunter) are all refreshed regularly.

There is another, more controversial cause for chatter, though—a lot of people are pitting The Beyhive against GOOP, a similar lifestyle blog founded by Bey's good friend Gwyneth Paltrow several years ago. Just this morning, a writer at Grazia said the two are practically the same except Knowles' site has "less organic tofu and more rappers from Compton."

Admittedly, there are plenty of similarities: both pages offer careful selection of product endorsements, culture-driven recommendations and encourage a conversation about it all. Some of the suggestions even overlap in taste. As an article on Yahoo points out, one of Beyoncé's "picks" is an album produced by the same guy who plays bass for Coldplay, Gwyneth's husband's band. But those parallels aside, the sites aren't all that alike.

The Beyhive relies heavily on images to tell a story, with every book/movie/label/artist/anything that Beyoncé shares presented as a clickable image in an ever-growing feed. The feel is distinctly different from text-heavy GOOP, which often dedicates entire posts to extolling the virtues of a particular restaurant or face cream. Also, there's a gallery of Beyoncé-inspired art, featuring everything everything from childlike sketches to intricate digital paintings, that simply does not exist on the site's alleged rival. (Although Gwyneth, take note: if you build it, we will come.)

However, even if both blogs did look exactly the same, with matching layouts and categories, it wouldn't matter. Sure, they're both run by famous people with majorly cultish followings, but comparing them? It's like apples to oranges, cats to dogs or…Dreamgirls and Country Strong. Both deserve a spot in your life. Or in this case, your bookmarks bar.

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