Celebs Are Getting Paid...To Wear Diamonds. Really.

It's no secret that dressing A-listers during awards season has turned into a bona fide blood sport for designers. Each year, industry up-and-comers battle it out with huge European fashion houses to drape the hottest crop of actresses in their wares—an accomplishment that can translate into millions of dollars in sales, not to mention becoming household names. As it turns out, however, major jewelry brands are just as cutthroat when it comes to getting stars to borrow their baubles for a big night out—and often, a cash payout serves as the incentive.

A "jewelry insider" had this to say to the New York Post: "[It's] the industry's dirty little secret...there are hundreds of thousands of dollars spent. It's really aggressive." For instance, Jennifer Lawrence, who won our best-dressed vote at last night's Golden Globes, was allegedly paid $100,000 by Chopard to pair her Dior Haute Couture look with the company's diamonds. Meanwhile, Bulgari reportedly spent $500,000 to accessorize celebs like Julianne Moore, one of its brand faces, at the Globes. And that's not all—in addition to being compensated for walking the red carpet in a certain company's necklace or earrings, the stars sometimes get to keep those pricey gems. So...where do we sign up to get in on this?

Photo: Fairchild Archive

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