Claudia Schiffer Turned Down a Namesake Hermès Bag, Uniqlo Collaborates With Celia Birtwell And More From Around the Web

When she was 17, Claudia Schiffer said no to having an Hermès bag named after her. But we all do silly things at that age. [Telegraph]

Uniqlo's teaming up with Celia Birtwell for a capsule collection of bright, printed clothing to launch later this spring. [WWD]

Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest Oscar nominee ever, explains her obsession with her stuffed animal puppy purse and reveals just how many she has. (It's more than a dozen, but less than a hundred.) [NY Mag]

In the age-old debate of how to spend money most wisely, here's a solid argument for spending more less often—provided you buy good quality things. (Or, eight fast fashion items = one investment piece you'll actually wear, and really love.) [The New York Times]

The world's richest pets have better wardrobes than most humans do—including Alexander McQueen's English bull terriers, who inherited almost $80,000 from his estate, and Gail Posner's Chihuahua, who inherited her Tiffany diamond necklaces. Woof. [Racked]

Photo Credit: Fairchild Archive

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