Which Celebrities Should Be Muses to Which Fashion Houses?

Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga. Keira Knightley for Chanel. Marion Cotillard for Dior. Whether you love or loathe these celebrity-designer pairings, there's no doubt that the famous name with which a label chooses to align itself has an enormous influence over the brand's entire image. In addition to posing for print and multimedia campaigns, these stylish superstars act as ambassadors for their designated labels, agreeing to appear in public wearing a specific designer's creations—often to the exclusion of all others. Sometimes, a designer may even sketch and sew each season's ready-to-wear with his A-list lady of choice in mind.

Of course, such partnerships are backed by big contracts and millions of dollars, with the expectation that a celebrity endorsement will yield major sales for a certain fashion house. But what about those stars that don't appear to favor a specific label, or those designers that loan looks to lots of up-and-comers without zeroing in on one or two in particular? We took it upon ourselves to suggest a few celebrity muses for some of our favorite less-committal labels. Who knows—perhaps we'll spot them in their campaigns sometime soon. Click through to see our ideas!

Taylor Swift for Ralph Lauren

Sure, the country-pop sweetheart's already got a Cover Girl contract—but besides a gig with Keds, she hasn't done much in the way of fashion campaigns thus far. We can think of no better match for the red-lipped, blonde-haired songstress than Ralph Lauren, the king of classic all-American style.

Fairchild Archive (L-R), FilmMagic (C)

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