Girls: Shop the Show

Girls' costume designer, Jenn Rogien, just gets it. People no longer need television characters who collect $400 shoes like Chapsticks (despite their entry-level salaries) and consider tutus, crop tops and newsboy caps, like, totally normal (despite their good judgement). They've already seen that show.

What they haven't seen is a decent reflection of real-life dressing, with its should-have-had-this-tailored-but-whatever and don't-have-an-accessory-but-gonna-wear-the-dress-anyway moments. Of course, that casualness is meticulously planned—the ill-fitting outfits, the tattered lingerie, the repeat items, the bare-bones jewelry. It serves the show well, echoing the almost disturbing truthfulness of the plot lines, the dialogue, the characters.

Still, just because the Girls wardrobe isn't slick, glossy and fantastical doesn't mean it doesn't have its inspired moments—like in last night's Season 2 premiere. We might not be dying to copy each look exactly, but there were definitely a few ideas we'd borrow from Marnie's, Hannah's and even Shoshanna's outfits (no, not the fascinator). Click through below to see which ones.

So Shoshanna tried too hard for a casual apartment party and looks like a Kate Middleton wannabe. Sort of predictable. But without the fascinator, the dress is actually pretty great. We're never not into mint green.

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