Guess What? Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Sweats!

With all the impossibly glamorous red carpet cruising she does on a near-daily basis, it's hard to believe Gwyneth Paltrow ever slips into something a little more comfortable. But judging by the actress' most recent GOOP collab, a set of generously-cut loungewear designed with Kings of Cole, she does in fact promote the owning and wearing of—gasp!—sweats.

The denim-colored pullover-and-pants combo looks like just the sort of thing Gwynnie would slip into for an afternoon of sun salutations and smoothie-blending. At $140 for the sweatshirt and $150 for the drawstring pants, the set's not exactly cheap—but we doubt GP would allow herself to sweat in anything less. And this isn't the first time the GOOP founder's tackled casual attire in a collaboration—remember that one-shouldered yoga top?

What do you think—would you splurge on this Gwynnie-approved workout wear?

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