The Kate Middleton Engagement Dress Now Comes in Maternity Sizes

Pregnancy used to be sort of a roadblock for those wanting to imitate Kate Middleton's style. Nude pantyhose are enemies of frequent bathroom trips, pencil skirts are essentially the opposite of cozy elastic-waistband jeans and those L.K. Bennett platforms just don't look comfortable (I'm sorry, I don't care how often she wears them). But Issa's now making it easier to look like the Duchess during all stages of life—pregnancy included—by releasing Kate's famous engagement dress in maternity sizes as well.

The waist-cinching wrap center of the dress, of course, had to be moved a bit up to accommodate the belly, and that blue hue seems to be a little purple-ier in the new maternity-sized run. But other than that, the dress is the same, save for one key dfference: at $823 compared to $607, the maternity version is even more expensive than the original. Which might be fine for women without a reason to watch their budget, (like, say, an imminent baby arrival). Or, perhaps, for moms-to-be with a royal bank account.

Shop it here, but hurry—like all things the Duchess wears, it's sure to sell out quickly. (I honestly wouldn't be surprised if not-even-close-to-being-pregnant women started buying it in anticipation.)

Photo Credit: Getty Images News

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