Lauren Conrad Wasn't Allowed to Watch MTV, Wants to Design Wedding Dresses

Had Lauren Conrad been a high school freshman instead of a senior when she started filming Laguna Beach, she wouldn't have been able to watch her own show. "I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV until I was 16 and I got cast when I was 17," she admits in our March issue. "I thought that was funny. I was like, 'I was just allowed to watch this not that long ago!'"

Those strict television restrictions reflect the designer/author/blogger's down-to-earth background (along having her allowance "taxed," which she told us about at our September FABB conference), something a lot of people don't expect from a former reality star. But as a young kid in California, Conrad's parents didn't drag her to auditions and she didn't plan to famous—all she really wanted was to own her own bridal boutique. And although that plan has obviously changed, she'd still "love to design bridal dresses."

When the Lauren Conrad x David's Bridal collection happens—and if her ever-expanding empire is any indication, it will happen—those white dresses will probably be made of eco-friendly fabric. Fresh off a travel accessories collaboration with sustainable label BlueAvocado, the star remains extremely passionate about continuing to reduce her carbon footprint.

"I think any opportunity you have to be green, whether it’s in business or in everyday life, you should take it." 

To learn more about Lauren Conrad's green lifestyle, her boyfriend, William Tell, and some of her best beauty secrets, read our full interview here.

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