Office Visit: Elle and Blair Fowler

The YouTube phenomenons talk about their makeup line, upcoming book and future plans for complete fashion domination.

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Sisters Elle and Blair Fowler have gone from YouTube sensations to beauty entrepreneurs in the blink of a perfectly-painted eye. The Tennessee natives began posting makeup tutorials on YouTube four years ago and quickly became a success, garnering over one million subscribers. Elle, 24, a pre-law student at the time, surprised her business-minded parents by abandoning law to team up with her young sister, Blair, 19, to pursue beauty full-time. "Balancing everything got really hard," says Elle. "It got to the point where it was like I had a career already and I was still in school. My parents are so academic, I didn’t know I had a choice. I knew I had to go to grad school. It was either pre-med or pre-law." It certainly seems like she made the right decision: the sisters' teamwork has resulted in Skylark, a new makeup line available exclusively on, plus a book deal and a shoe collection for

Still, believe it or not, when the opportunity arose for the sisters to create their own cosmetics line, the self-proclaimed product junkies were skeptical. “We have tried every beauty product under the sun,” says Elle. “At first we were like, ‘Who needs another makeup line?' So we decided we weren’t going to do it the conventional way.” Unlike other brands, Skylark purposely features fewer products. "We weren’t going to come out with a line where there are a few star products and the rest are just there to complete the line," Elle says. To focus on quality over quantity, Skylark currently has only lipglosses, jewel-toned nail polishes and a winter eyeshadow palette. The sisters say their business plan is atypical on purpose–they want to release new products only when they have been perfected. "We really want Skylark to be a brand that everyone knows is great and worth the money," says Elle. "We’ve really tried to keep it affordable."

Snowkissed Cashmere Eye Shadow Palette, $40,

Despite creating Skylark, Elle and Blair remain loyal to their favorite brands. “We’ve always been a big mishmash of every brand and we still are,” says Blair. “Skylark is great, we love it, it’s our brand—but we only have three products right now, we aren’t saying you should go exclusively Skylark. Even when we have a complete line, we are going to use different products.” Meanwhile, in September, look for the duo to release Where Beauty Lies, the follow-up to their debut novel Beneath the Glitter (a Gossip Girl-inspired tale of socialite sisters in Los Angeles). And knowing them, it won't stop there. After attending fashion week for four years straight, Blair and Elle are contemplating design careers. If their Fowler shoe collection on—which features bright handbags, studded flats and snakeskin heels—is any indication of what the duo's clothing line might look like, we're in full support. “We’ve grown up, so it makes sense that our audience would grow up with us,” says Blair.

Check out a recent video from Blair below, in which she shows off the Skylark nail collection.