Rooney and Kate Mara Couldn't Be More Different

It took me a weirdly long time to connect the dots that Kate Mara and Rooney Mara are sisters, despite the fact that they have the same bone structure, complexion, slightly wide-set eyes, perfectly adorable kitten noses and last name (duh). It was dumb, I know—but in my defense, I'd say that they not only downplay their similarities, they wage war against them.

Last night was a good example. At the premiere of Kate's series House of Cards, the sisters looked like they intentionally aimed to underscore their differences through their wardrobe choices. Kate wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress while Rooney choose a Band of Outsiders jumpsuit, but still, it was more than just a pants vs. dress thing. 

It was the difference in fabrics (ornate metallic lace vs. simple black silk), footwear (ladylike sandals vs. clunky boots) and even the makeup (smokey eye and nude lip vs. simple eye and bold lip). The Maras really couldn't have looked more different...except, maybe, if one of the girls had worn her hair down. Beyond that, they completely clashed—and looked amazing doing so. I love both outfits and would wear either one of them. Click through below to shop them both.

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