Stella McCartney Puts Family First, Wants to Make Women Feel Better About Themselves

There are a lot of reasons to love Stella McCartney, chief among them her gorgeous-crafted blazers and bags and admirable dedication to animal-friendly design. Recently, as part of her "Pardon My French" interview series, blogger and artist Garance Doré sat down with the designer/mom/OBE recipient to talk about her inspirations, motivations and challenges that come from balancing work with family. Here's what we learned:

  • Need to take a sick day/personal day? Stella would totally let your absence slide. "There's nothing more important than your health and your family," the designer explains—even though she's worked through Fashion Month while pregnant several times. "The first person to meet my baby was the DJ!" she laughs.
  • Despite the fashion industry's aura of elitism, Stella doesn't think style should be isolating or overly exclusive. "I want the brand to help people, not make people feel more crappy about themselves," she says, later adding, "At the end of the day, I just want to make women feel better about themselves."
  • Though she used to stop women on the streets to challenge their choice to wear fur, Stella's mellowed on her approach to vegan fashion—though you'll still never see her design or wear something made from animal hides. "I don't do it for other people—I do it because it's what I believe in," she explains. "I can only do what I feel is right, and practice what I preach."

Check out the full video below, which also includes some plum footage of Stella's recent Pre-Fall 2013 presentation. Lookin' good, Glenn Close!

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