Stores You Can't Shop In the States, Nicki Minaj x Kmart and More From Around the Web

Despite its misleading name, the Goathouse Refuge is actually a no-kill sanctuary for cats—as of now, there are 42 of them—run by a sweet little Italian lady who also makes clay pots. The facilities, which are in the middle of a forest and look like a fairytale farm, also accommodate several dogs, geese, ducks and other birds. [NYT]

Urban Decay is launching two limited-edition Oz the Great and Powerful makeup palettes based on the film's good and bad witch characters, Glinda and Theodora, played by Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis. Everything will be available to buy next week, on January 25. [People]

Given that the growing demand for luxury goods in China shows no signs of stopping, learning Mandarin might soon be required of more fashion careers. [Fashionista]

Do you miss the days when owning something from Topshop, Sandro, Maje or Mango meant no one in the States would have it? Then plan your next trip around these four international brands (such as COS, pictured below), all still unavailable in America. [Nylon]

Singer Pharrell Williams blames the failure of his Qream liqueur on poor marketing. According to those in our office who have actually tasted it, though, other factors maaaay have been at play. [BullettMedia]

Kmart recently inked deals with both Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine for upcoming clothing and accessories lines. Pieces will be sold at the company's namesake chain and under the Shop Your Way label at Sears. [MTV]